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History of the annafietta studio

Since 1998, the mosaic studio of Ravenna

The shop annafietta was created in via Argentario 5 in 1998. Via Argentario is the street that leads tourists to San Vitale and Anna Finelli who inherited the antiques shop of Fietta's grandparents and transformed it into a mosaic workshop.
Since the beginning, the workshop's philosophy has been to transform the wonderful Byzantine art of mosaics of Ravenna to accessories from small boxes, to large compositions, through multifaceted,unique and unrepeatable gifts.
The Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna's basilicas, of which San Vitale and the Mausoleum of Galla Placida are among the most representative, are recreated with pieces of coloured glass paste tiles and gold leaf tiles. The creative technique consists in manually cutting tile by tile, and with them composing designs and backgrounds. In addition the mosaics are not grouted and the light playing between the joints creates particularly effective and bright chiaroscuro.
Annafietta workshop
Inspired by the Byzantine technique and using old materials, or coloured glass paste, which is still made in Venice in the foundry, annafietta has matched other glassy materials, such as mirrored glass, tiffany, and colourful murrhine glass. The passion for ancient mosaic combined with innovative techniques, has meant that the workshop style is marked by a decorative style developed at the highest levels of accuracy. The style of the shop is characterized as a contemporary mosaic which recalls the ancient masters: a real and own annafietta style.
The production ranges from the formats of photo frames of "almost infinite" sizes , to mirrors, small table objects (boxes, trays, vases ...), to a thousand different kinds of animals and panels. The "customized" creations are much loved by the annafietta workshop because listening to customers and trying to fulfill their wishes, over the years has infinitely enriched the production and technical and chromatic research.
In 2009 annafietta won the competition held by the city of Ravenna for the design and manufacture of some toponomastic signs for the historical centre and since then they have created and installed about 40.
For sporting events, but also for cultural awards many types of themed creations have been made in the same competitions, of which the most famous is definitely the medal of the International Marathon of the City of Ravenna, which has already being manufactured for six editions.
For about two years, along with other mosaic workshops, it has collaborated on the Rose Line Project "The flowers of Ravenna".
In 2012 the shop moved to via Argentario, but to number 21, just across from the Basilica of San Vitale in a prestigious area, on two floors with a large terrace, where in the summer season cultural events are held.
in 2014 annafietta organized together with the photographer Enrico Calderoni a photographic exhibition entitled "People and Stones of Ravenna"
In 2015 for the first time it organised a solo exhibition entitled "Saraghine" which was held from March 2015 to January 6 2016.
In 2016 FLOWERS was inaugurated running from March 11 to 20 in an exhibition hall of the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa; you are now able to visit it from 2 April in via Argentario on our premises.

Staff at the annafietta workshop

anna finelli


Founder and soul of the shop annafietta, was born in Ravenna in 1965. She graduated from the Oriani High School, and then attended a course in Ancient History in Archeology at the Faculty of Arts, University of Bologna.
In 1988 she attended the ESF course for archaeological restoration operators and together with the other trainees in 1990 she founded the firm of Bologna Kriterion snc restoration, still operating today, where she worked until 1997, restoring important 

archaeological collections and historic buildings in Bologna, Milan, Verona, Pesaro, etc.In 1998, she changed her career and created annafietta, adding her name to the surname of her maternal grandparents Fietta. Since then the growth has been steady and continuous: from small subjects (never however abandoned) to major projects. In addition to the tourist clientele, which fortunately in Ravenna abounds from March to Epiphany, she also has a local clientele that chooses the mosaic itself, as a gift when they go out of town visiting, as party gifts for special occasions and as a prize for the most varied competitions. She currently leads a working group of five employees.

sara kulikoski


Graduating from the Severini Institute in Ravenna in 1997, she attended the Albert Einstein Institute, earning the title of "assembler of mosaics".

She has worked for major mosaic workshops in Ravenna, including the Mosaic Cooperative of Ravenna and the Alessandra Caprara Studio.

Since 2009 she has collaborated with annafietta where she has represented the focal point for the achievement of reproductions 

delle riproduzioni dal mosaico antico bizantino e le interpretazioni musive dei quadri moderni.

Abilissima nel ritratto a mosaico, si esprime con maestria in qualunque opera.

luca ortolani


Graduated from the Severini Institute in Ravenna in 2007, he has worked for a number of mosaic workshops in Ravenna. For three years he has worked with annafietta, where he has specialised in jobs where precision is important.

enrico calderoni


After attending the Art School of Bologna and Urbino Art Magisterium - Photography section, he has worked as a photographer for important newspapers and photo agencies. He is currently one of the Italian correspondents of a major Japanese photographic agency.

For several years he has worked with annafietta as artistic, photographic and graphic consultant.

teodorica angelozzi


She graduated in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna, in 2007. Currently she is working as a librarian at the Classense Institution of Ravenna and collaborates with annafietta, taking care of the assembly and finishing of the works.

christian fussi


He graduated in 2015 at the ITIS Ravenna, and worked as an intern at annafietta in October. He is demonstrating excellent manual skills and a real talent for this work.

How to contact us

Annafietta - Anna Finelli's Mosaico Moderno

Via Giuliano Argentario,

 2148121, Ravenna, Italy

TEL: 348.9375250

See on the map how to reach our workshop and see for yourself our most beautiful creations!

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