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Work on commission

This page gives some idea of the work done on commission, so where a client has commissioned a job "tailored-made", describing specifications and details on how to carry out the work he/she required. Although the mosaic is by its nature a unique work of art and always different in that it is hand made, in this case it becomes even more unique and personalised.

Look at some of our work on commission:

Place name plates

Creation of place names plates for the city of Ravenna

The design of the place name plates of Ravenna was an important project both for the amount of plates to be created as well as the prestige that this work has brought us. It was like exhibiting all our mosaic works in the historic centre of Ravenna, thus creating a unique setting for a city with both a unique history and monuments to visit. Look at the great photos of the project!


Creation of medals Marathon Ravenna

The marathon medal in 2016 was inspired by a small decorative detail: a turquoise rectangle with gold outline.

This small rectangle represents one of the precious stones adorning the apse monumental cross of Sant'Apollinare in Classe, Basilica that this year will be included in the route of the Marathon.

This same rectangle is in decorative bands adorning the large mosaic panels of all the Ravenna Byzantine monuments.

Browse the organization's website for full details!

The Bishop's coat of arms

The coat of arms of the Bishop of Ravenna was created for the Parish of San Vittore in Ravenna.

Panel Kitchen and Tree of Life

These two large mosaics were made for an apartment owned by an American family, located on a cruise ship.

trophy Ceccarelli

In memory of his famous father Esaminanda, Giovanni Ceccarelli established the sailing Ceccarelli trophy, which is a Challenger Trophy (i.e. each year a team wins it and then puts it back up for competition), created by designing a small sketch of his father, the famous engineer and designer.


For a firm of Ravenna based at Bessette in Ravenna we created a kite mosaic to decorate their entrance.

The woman in labour

A Roman gynecologist presented us with an image of a marble stele from the Roman period from Ostia Antica and preserved in London, which depicts a woman giving birth to twins helped by a midwife and three maidens, wondering how we could achieve a mosaic.

We prepared three samples of the same head: in two we let go of the idea of ​​sculpture not creating features (one in marble and one in enamel) while in the third we kept the idea of ​​relief, but we came up with the features.

The customer chose the latter and requested large dimensions.

Therefore, we created a low relief in wood which represented as closely as possible the marble stele and then, invoking the Roman mosaic, we invented the features of the four women.

The result was certainly impressive!

Dog tomb

Wine and Mosaic meet each other

Together with the company Gardi Bertoni of Riolo Terme, we have created these prestigious "labels" of real mosaic applied on bottles of Sangiovese and Albana Passito.

The Ravenna flowers

Ravenna the women-friendly city

annafietta belongs to the Group of Ravenna mosaicists of the NAC whose Linea Rosa (voluntary association, born to defend and support women in difficulty, who suffer or have suffered violence), proposed the project "the flowers of Ravenna-Ravenna women-friendly city" to spread the message that we are a town that says no to violence with concrete political and forward-looking choices and that can be defined as a "women-friendly city".

A mosaic flower that echoes the monument located in Piazzetta Serra, symbol of remembrance for female victims of violence in Ravenna, which depicts marine white lilies, and which is presented on the tiles in mosaic made by Ravenna mosaicists, as a sign of welcome addressed to all women who visit our city.

An important sign that people of Ravenna can lay outside their own homes. 

Linea Rosa with this project wants to send a signal to those visiting Ravenna, uniting the worlds of art, the art of mosaic, and the world of volunteering, to sensitise the public on the phenomenon of violence against women.

the Linea Rosa page link


On the occasion of the European Cup Ravenna 2016 tournament we made the trophy, won by Russia and participation name plates

Gemallaggio Lions

mosaico su pannello dorato realizzato per il ventennale del gemellaggio fra il Lions Club di Ravenna e quello di Rossano

pannello Lions

ventennale lyons
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